There are a number of resources available on the internet which we recommend that our clients investigate.  This helps them to understand some of the aspects of audio as relates to their particular situation.  Not all of these apply to every client.  Please find those that may be applicable to your situation and review them at your convenience.  We will be happy to discuss any questions you may have in order to help you reach your goals.

Here are two excellent papers by Jim Brown of Audio Systems Group, Inc. on acoustics and sound systems for Houses of Worship.

Why Churches Buy Three Sound Systems, and How You Can Buy Only One
Most churches are so afraid of buying sound systems that they do it three or four times before they finally end up with one that works well enough to meet their needs! Here's how you can do it right the first time.

Acoustics and Sound Systems in the Contemporary Church
The contemporary church is built around communication - verbal, musical, and emotional - as well as worship. The minister communicates with the congregation by preaching, leading prayers, and announcing church activities. Music attempts to communicate ideas and concepts while it simultaneously enhances the worship experience through emotional involvement. The acoustics of the worship space have a profound effect on all of these functions. This article explains these complex issues in plain English for the non-technically inclined.

ChurchSoundcheck provides an enormous amount of useful information for both technical and non-technical persons.  This is a highly recommended website for all involved in sound reinforcement for Houses of Worship.

m3tools is Brent Harshbarger's site that hosts numerous tools for individuals and organizations engaged in multimedia ministries.

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